Dominik Berger

#Explore. #Experience. #Enhance.

About me

Digital Project Manager at Zensations.

Satisfied clients and outstanding results motivate me.
You can expect 11 years of experience in various fields of digital business. My competence field comprises digital project management in and for different big companies. I've done diverse research in information systems and have focused on digital marketing since 2009. Consulted companies range from different industries (including public relations, tech startups, dating agencies, tourism, FMCG, foods, etc.) to various strategic topics.


I'm a native Digital Marketing Rockstar in the following competence fields:

  • Content Marketing at it's best
  • SEO / SEM (Google AdWords Professional)
  • Digital Marketing Strategy / Marketing Automation
  • Storytelling / Influencer Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook / Twitter / Instagram)
  • Analytics / Sales Funnel Optimization / E-Commerce
  • Innovation / Sustainability / Creativity
  • Workshops / Training

Current Projects

Stay tuned.